The holiday season is here, and as Christmas approaches, we’ve all been running around looking for gifts to leave under the tree for our family and friends. But what about a gift for yourself? Refinancing your mortgage could be one of the best gifts you ever give yourself! Mortgage refinance in Sacramento, CA, can help you save money every month, make life more manageable during this economic uncertainty, and pay off some of those holiday expenses.

At Anew Lending, we offer the best mortgage refinance in Sacramento, CA, bar none. We have experienced loan advisors with expertise in the local real estate market who can help you get the best deal. So, let’s look at how we can help get all the benefits of mortgage refinance this holiday season!


What is Mortgage Refinance? 


Mortgage refinance enables you to take out a new loan at better terms and with potentially lower interest rates, saving you hundreds of dollars each month. With mortgage refinance, you can also consolidate debt, free up some cash for investments in home improvements or other projects, or access home equity.

Additionally, some lenders offer cash back with refinancing deals, allowing borrowers to upgrade their homes, put extra money in the bank, or pay off those holiday vacation expenses! As such, refinancing offers an untapped resource for homeowners looking for some financial breathing room that should not be overlooked.


The Benefits of Mortgage Refinance



Lower Monthly Payments 


One of the most significant advantages of refinancing is that it can help reduce your monthly payments. This is especially beneficial if you’re struggling financially or have recently had an increase in expenses. Lowering your monthly payment can free up some extra cash to pay for holiday gifts or other expenses during this expensive time of year. Depending on your current interest rate, a refinance could potentially lower your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars each month! 


Fixed Interest Rate 


If you currently have an adjustable interest rate, it could be beneficial to refinance into a fixed-rate loan. That way, your interest rate will remain constant and won’t fluctuate with market changes over time. A fixed-rate loan also provides predictability in terms of what your payment will be each month. That way, you can budget accordingly over the holidays and plan for any potential financial bumps that may come along the way.  

Save Money in The Long Run 


Mortgage refinance into a shorter-term loan (i.e., 15-year vs. 30-year) could potentially save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the loan due to reduced interest costs overall. Additionally, taking advantage of low current interest rates means even more savings as well! In addition to lower overall costs, a shorter-term loan also means that you’ll own your house outright sooner – freeing up money for other investments or retirement savings goals down the road as well! 


Choose Anew Lending This Holiday Season


All in all, refinancing your mortgage could be one of the best presents you give yourself this holiday season — one that keeps on giving all year round! Check out Anew Lending today and see how much money our mortgage refinance in Sacramento, CA, could save you in both the short term and long term!

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